TabStar contains a large resource of Keys, Scales and Chord Charts for guitar. You can browse these libraries 'as is' or you can use them combined with your own guitar tablature sheet music created with TabStar using KeyFinder.

Every guitar tab you create with TabStar offers you the ability to instantly find out which musical key it is in using TabStar's unique KeyFinder. Simply click the 'Find Key' link when viewing your songs on your 'My Guitar Tabs' page - if the song you are viewing doesn't match a key exactly then KeyFinder will offer you the closest matches to choose from.

KeyFinder is also available from your 'Create Guitar Tablature' page when creating new guitar tablature or editing your existing guitar tabs. You can use it at the start of the song writing process or you can use it at any point during the creation of your guitar tab. KeyFinder will analyse the chords and notes in your guitar tab and present you with a choice of keys in exactly the same way as mentioned above. When you select a key for your song the 'Preset Chord' drop down lists will only show you chords in that key to help you build your songs more accurately.

KeyFinder will show you other chords in that key, allow you to browse some scales and explore the potential of your own guitar tabs while you are creating them, and in a way never possible before!

Major Diatonic

Natural Minor

Harmonic Minor

Melodic Minor








Major Pentatonic

Domninant Pentatonic

Minor Pentatonic

Blues Pentatonic

Neutral Pentatonic

Balinese Pentatonic


Blues Variation 1

Blues Variation 2

Blues Variation 3

Lydian Augmented

Lydian Minor

Lydian Diminished

Major Locrian

Super Locrian


Bebop Minor

Bebop Half Diminished


Diminished Dominant

Whole Tone

Leading Whole Tone

Diminished Whole Tone

Spanish Gypsy

Eight Tone Spanish

Double Harmonic



Prometheus Neopolitan

Neopolitan Major

Neopolitan Minor


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